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Green-IT, Climate control and Energy

plan b digitation tries to get to the bottom of new supplier techniques and utilize the most innovative technologies offered by institutions, manufactures and groups. Solutions with higher cost-benefit ratio for the acquisition and/or a rapid reduction of operating costs are the result.
We are always looking for new approaches. We ensure that the user has its individual project. – the pilot project. The goal is clearly defined within the tender and performance specifications. The technologies listed below were planned, realized and tested in several projects by plan b digitation:

  • Green-IT – saving resources
  • Climate control – energy opimization
  • Energy – savings
  • Virtualization – absorbing
  • RZ Safety cells – safety
  • Plug and Play Networks – ease-of-use

Please let us know your improvement requirements and technology applications: we will gladly meet the challenge of developing the best possible solution for your requirements.