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Green-IT planning

Due to the growing threat to the environment and the greenhouse effect, plan b digitation has decided to include concepts and solutions for new and expanding data centers with GREEN IT solutions. „The protection for the preservation of the global climate and protect the planet for future generations is everyone’s responsibility … “ said Torsten Müller in his lectures and seminars. Every individual needs to do their part and plan b digitation as an innovative service company can put many of these promises into action. These include:

  • Reduction of power costs
  • Reduction of pollutants (in particular CO2 emissions)
  • Reduction of air-conditioning costs
  • Reduction of hardware
  • Virtualization, for example, VMWare
  • Plug and play fiber optic cabling technology and 10GBE

With advice from plan b digitation and a modular and scalable design you will receive your individual solution for planning and implementing your future secure data center project.