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Financial Services

Financial Services

In the dynamic financial services industry, many companies align the planning of their networks with current demands or targeted at specific applications. Then a new application appears, such as mobile payment, social banking or crowdsourcing, and the existing network can partially cover demand but over time becomes unmanageable and inefficient. This increases the importance of network administration significantly and can leads to incalculable risks for the performance and reliability of the entire infrastructure.

For banks and insurance companies who would like to offer their customers convenient, fast and most importantly secure access to the desired online services, plan b digitation can support your company with industry-specific solutions that meet the latest safety standards and future requirements for several years to come.

plan b digitation places utmost emphasis on the quality of the components, use of appropriate techniques for optimal maintenance and precise documentation of the installed system. We provide a solid network planned to prevent costly mistakes and provide for future installations and subsequent extensions and facilitate the installation of new network components.