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Public Administration / Authorities

Public Administration / Authorities

Public institutions and authorities are key elements of our society. Regardless of whether it a judicial or administrative building, city hall or theater, in all these public institutions there are special requirements for technical processes, e.g. in building or the media infrastructure, which require fault-free operation. These requirements may vary and are subject to special approval and practices in projects according to federal, state or local level.

Not only the ways of doing business, but also the buildings have changed in this area in some cases considerably. In modern office buildings, for example, employees have access today not only to various IT applications, but also conference rooms with different technical facilities that can be booked through a booking system.

Through their years of experience in the field of projects in public institutions and authorities, plan b digitation understands and knows the necessary services and features required. We provides the planning, management and monitoring for your individual and customized installation, and acts independently of the manufacturer and with the involvement of the specific budget and the existing network structure.

plan b digitation supports projects in the field of public institutions and with a view to performance and comfort at the highest level.