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LAN Planning

LAN Planning

Already in the planning stage it should be ensured that the network is extensible, vendor-independent, reliable and low maintenance, and has enough transmission capacity for the future and does not react to potential irritation. Detailed documentation of the design, containing network diagrams and configuration descriptions, is as crucial and helpful in a desired extension or for troubleshooting and saving time and money.

Understanding of the current standards, the knowledge of new and innovative products and components make plan b digitation to your perfect partner for individual advice, best planning and successful implementation of your future-proof network with transfer rates of up 1GBE 10GBE.


Copper                             Fiber Optic MM           Fiber Optic SM

Category 5 Class D           OM 2                          OS 1

Category 6 Class E           OM 3                          OS 2

Category 6 Class E(A)       OM 4

Category 7 Class F

Category 7 Class F(A)