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OTN Planning

optical transport network

The optical transport network (OTN) is an international standard in the telecommunications network, with which carriers distribute information. OTN architecture is composed of three levels.

Plan b digitation will plan your optical network, beginning with the first level, the optical transmission section (OTS), to the next layer – the optical multiplex system (OMS) and the optical channel layer (OCh).

  • OTM-1: 2,67 GBit/s optical fiber between two system components
  • OTM-2: 10,7 Gbit/s multiplex-functionality of a DWDM connection between two network-hubs
  • OTM-3: 43,0 GBit/s optical transmission between two users

Products that adhere to the standard OTN architecture are available from all main components manufacturers. Plan b digitation helps you make the right choices of products based on their knowledge and expertise.